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Whether you are looking for a permanent, part-time
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Job Openings For Doctors in Australia - Employment Job Openings for Doctors in Australia

  • Employment and Jobs For Overseas Trained Doctors

    We're constantly looking for General Practitioners / Family Health Specialists, Hospital non-specialists and specialists.

    Overseas trained doctors for permanent placement We have an extensive understanding of the Australian healthcare system. We have the experience and capability to assist Overseas Trained Doctors with the process, ensuring your job as a doctor in Austtralia and your emplpyment and move to Australia is a smooth one!

    More overseas-trained doctors are joining the Australian medical workforce in places where they are most needed.
    Positions are available on The Gold Coast. Positions and employment also available in Brisbane, Queensland and other positions around Australia. We have 100's of positions for qualified doctors available at all times.

    Employment Positions - Employment for Doctors in Australia

    We have positions as General Practitioners / Family Health Specialists, Hospital non-specialist positions and specialist positions in highly respected medical practices across Australia.
    Emergency Doctors are also sought after and may be able to work in General Practice in Australia. Registering with Doctor's Employment Australia is your first step towards gaining employment in these positions.
    No matter what type of position you are interested in, we offer a tailored recruitment service to ensure your requirements are met both professionally and personally. Please apply now to secure your job in Australia as a Doctor.

Find Your Job -Employment For Doctors

You may need AMC exams to work in a hospital environment in Australia. For information on possible exam requirements, please visit

Working in Australia as a doctor is fun and rewarding. Friendly people, great food, excellent night life, entertainment and a great life style for work and play. Find your job now. Register Now For Your Job